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Cobalt Boats – Model 323

| Boats | April 28, 2013

Each and every one of us has probably dreamed about that time when they will simply relax while taking a trip on a yacht. Not only this is achievable but you won’t have to spend millions of dollars to make sure that you fulfill your dream. There’s no reason not to buy a yacht and even if you can’t afford an extremely big one, the sensation on the sea will be the same no matter what model you choose to buy. The Cobalt model 323 is for those who want something cozy that doesn’t get very fancy when it comes to price. It will accommodate you and a few friends of yours with no problem and you can even throw a small party if you always dreamed about spending your birthday in the middle of the ocean.

The Cobalt 323 has some impressive technical features with the overall length of about 34’9”/10.6 m, a beam of 10’7”/3.2 m, an interior cockpit width of about 108”/2.7 m, and a weight of about 12,300 lbs. or 5591 kg. It also comes with a fuel capacity of about 174 gallons or 659 liters and a deadrise of 22 degrees. It has a cabin that can be found only in larger yachts with spacious interior. Also, the creative design and decorations have made it extremely ergonomic and let’s not forget that with a 10’7” beam it is safe to say that it probably has the largest cockpit in its size class so it’s definitely worth its money and it has an outstanding quality to price ratio.

Besides the standard features of Cobalt boats which involve Kevlar and stainless steel reinforcements, this boat comes with a few great additions. If you are looking for something fancy, you will surely appreciate the hand crafter cherry wood furniture and the smooth leather cabin seating. Yes, the price might be a disadvantage but you will definitely get a quality yacht for your money; also, you might find maintenance disadvantageous in the long run as that might get pricey for a yacht of this caliber. Other than that, you will surely enjoy your time spend on this beauty.

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Cobalt Boats – 26SD

| Boats | February 3, 2013

When it comes to small yachts you can definitely trust the Cobalt 26SD to fulfill your needs. It is definitely not a boat that you can choose for long trips but it will serve its purpose if you want something to explore the sea with from time to time or just relax with your friends while fishing.

With a length of about 27’6”/8.38 m, a beam of 8’6”/2.6 , weight of 5500 lbs/2495 kg this is definitely a small yacht that is perfect for those summer excursions with a few friends. Of course, it’s not for the adventurous type that wants to spend days on sea but definitely suitable for an unforgettable outing with your family. The deadrise is about 21 degrees and the fuel capacity is 95 gallons or 360 liters. Like all Cobalt yachts, this one comes with a few key features that may distinguish it from others brands. The fiberglass stringers and composite transom will definitely keep your boat from rotting and increase its durability significantly. Also the composite floor will reduce noise and you don’t have to worry about significant deterioration.  When it comes to performance you will get a deep deadrise that will allow easier comering with a Kevlar reinforced running surface. The new technology will not only give you one of the quickest plane time in the industry but also your boat will remain on plane at lower speeds. Other features that definitely go above the standard features you will usually find are: it allows more than one ski line at the time, unique styling, stronger dashboard with a very luxurious feel plus a circuit breaker electrical system and an incorporated lockable glove box. When it comes to electrical features you should know that this boat comes equipped with 6 speaker stereo for those times when you just want to throw a small party at sea with your friends.

The disadvantages of this boat are not few, especially when you are looking for something more spacious. It doesn’t have a lot of room and you might feel crowded even when you choose to spend time with very few friends.

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