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Motor Yachts Classification

| Watercrafts | May 10, 2012

There are two big groups when it comes to yachts; there are sailing yachts and motor yachts. There are also different models in every group depending on the size, accommodations and use of the boat. This means there are quite a few smaller groups to choose from and if you are considering buying a yacht, you should know what options are available and see which one is the perfect choice for you.

A day cruiser yacht is the smallest of the group with no cabin and little room. It isn’t designed for long travels but it can be great for a fun day out on the sea with a few friends. This is also the cheapest one because it comes with few accommodations.

The weekender yacht is a bit bigger and it can be used for overnight journeys but no longer than a few days. It has one or two cabins as well as basic plumbing. Obviously, it is also more expensive than the first type and it can carry more people. Long trips are not recommended.

For a journey that takes more than two or three days, the cruising yacht is the best choice. This has more cabins and all the needed accommodations for living on board for longer periods of time. It is the most popular out of every motor yacht and can also be the most expensive.

Sport fishing yachts, as the name implies, are designed for those that have a passion for fishing. It has all the needed fishing equipment as well as living conditions needed for a longer fishing trip.

Luxury yachts are quite similar to the other ones but obviously, they are more luxurious and deserve a special group. These can be custom made and the client can choose to have various high quality accessories that make life on the water a lot more pleasant.

All these motor yachts use similar propulsion. They normally have one or two internal combustion engines that use either gasoline or diesel fuel. This makes them more expensive than sailing boats as fuel can cost quite a lot considering the size of the engine.

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