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Sailing Yachts Classification

| Watercrafts | June 5, 2012

Luxury boats have become quite popular and it seems that the long list of manufacturers can keep up with the growing demand for every kind of yacht. To better understand the types of luxury boats available and to also get more information regarding which one would suit you best, you can check out the classification.

Day sailing yachts are the small ones, usually less than 20 feet. They don’t usually come with a cabin but they do have a retractable keel and a centerboard. These boats are made for short trips during good weather and they are very popular during the summer.

Weekender yachts are bigger than the above mentioned group and they measure less than 31 feet. The fact that they have twin keels makes them usable in shallow waters and some sailors use the tide to sometimes leave them on land. These can be used for small 2-3 days trips around the coast; resulting in the name.

Cruising yachts are even bigger and this is the most popular group when it comes to luxury boats. They usually measure less than 46 feet and can be very complex. These boats are the meeting point of comfort, luxury and handling as well as performance. It doesn’t strive at any category in particular but the fact that it is good in every department makes it perfect for the general customer. There are many manufacturers that offer this type of yachts and they can differ quite a lot. It is common for it to have many cabins below deck as well as platform hull. Obviously, they can be great for long journeys and they can accommodate quite a few people in comfort.

Luxury sailing yachts, as the name implies, are all about offering the best comfort and accommodations to the sailors. These can be longer than 82 feet and can be equipped with pretty much anything you need including air conditioning and television. The controls usually have computers that take care of everything and there is also a power generator on board to keep up with the energy demand. The latest models can come with solar powered generators that make them more eco-friendly.

Racing yachts is the last group in this classification and they are built to reduce the surface that interacts with the water and thus lowering drag and increasing speed. These are very light and have a tall mast that allows them to reach speeds of 35 knots in some weather.

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Motor Yachts Classification

| Watercrafts | May 10, 2012

There are two big groups when it comes to yachts; there are sailing yachts and motor yachts. There are also different models in every group depending on the size, accommodations and use of the boat. This means there are quite a few smaller groups to choose from and if you are considering buying a yacht, you should know what options are available and see which one is the perfect choice for you.

A day cruiser yacht is the smallest of the group with no cabin and little room. It isn’t designed for long travels but it can be great for a fun day out on the sea with a few friends. This is also the cheapest one because it comes with few accommodations.

The weekender yacht is a bit bigger and it can be used for overnight journeys but no longer than a few days. It has one or two cabins as well as basic plumbing. Obviously, it is also more expensive than the first type and it can carry more people. Long trips are not recommended.

For a journey that takes more than two or three days, the cruising yacht is the best choice. This has more cabins and all the needed accommodations for living on board for longer periods of time. It is the most popular out of every motor yacht and can also be the most expensive.

Sport fishing yachts, as the name implies, are designed for those that have a passion for fishing. It has all the needed fishing equipment as well as living conditions needed for a longer fishing trip.

Luxury yachts are quite similar to the other ones but obviously, they are more luxurious and deserve a special group. These can be custom made and the client can choose to have various high quality accessories that make life on the water a lot more pleasant.

All these motor yachts use similar propulsion. They normally have one or two internal combustion engines that use either gasoline or diesel fuel. This makes them more expensive than sailing boats as fuel can cost quite a lot considering the size of the engine.

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Important Facts About Luxury Yachts

| Watercrafts | April 28, 2012

Luxury boats are definitely an emblem of high class and great taste. Nowadays, luxury boats can come at affordable prices for everybody. However, there are some which are made especially for those who want something special to go with their important status. There are some people that love their boats so much, they even set records with them. When it comes to manufacturers, those who construct the yacht called Eclipse have definitely outdone themselves. It costs about 1.2 billion dollars and it has two swimming pools and even a mini submarine. Also, it has about 164 meters, making it the longest luxury yacht in the world. However, a lot of manufacturers offer the possibility for their clients to have whatever boat they want and you can even get one custom made. Of course, that might cost you a lot more, but at least you can get a luxury boat the way you want it to be.

The sizes of yachts are various, the smallest size being about 15 feet. However, you can find typical yachts that measure about 40 to 100 feet but also bigger yachts that will have between 100 and 200 feet. The biggest yachts will measure over 200 feet but those can have some pretty steep prices.

It seems that yacht owners have increased in time, so we can safely draw the conclusion that yachts are more and more available at lower prices but also the fact that people are spending more money on their leisure and hobbies.

When buying a yacht you should also consider the amount of money you will have to pay to take care of it. You will also have to spend a considerable amount of time regularly for its maintenance. Also, you should include costs like painting and perhaps different breakdowns that may occur while using it, especially if you are using your boat on saltwater. Saltwater may have a bigger corrosion effect on your luxury boat if the boat is made of wood so it will need special attention. Also, there are some maintenance procedures you should do regularly and you will also need to pay some fees to get it registered.

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Buying Your First Luxury Boat

| Watercrafts | April 16, 2012

Do you like sailing in style? Have you considered buying a luxury boat but you don’t know where to start or get more information about this purchase? Before buying your first boat you should definitely make sure that you answer a few questions regarding your future purchase. Here are some of the most important factors you should keep in mind.

Size – the size of your boat is very important. Unfortunately a bigger boat means a lot of money but there are some manufacturers that might give you a reasonable size boat for an affordable amount of money, all you need is compromise somehow. Large boats can cost millions of dollars and not everybody who wants to buy a boat has such an amount of money at their disposal.

Utility and functions – the more gadget and accessory friendly a boat is, meaning the more fancy it is, the bigger the purchasing price is. You can try to buy a boat that is simpler in this direction and add the things yourself but it will probably have the same price overall. It depends on you and if you think you can get a good deal on accessories you can try this option.

Another important aspect is the place where you are planning to use the boat. A lot of people forget about this and usually buy luxury boats that are used in rough conditions. If your boat is very fancy and meant for leisure and parties is definitely not the best idea to use it in rough conditions because it will get worn out faster and the repairs will probably cost you a lot. So the type of boat you want to buy depends a lot on this factor so you should definitely keep it in mind while browsing products. A luxury boat is definitely more suitable for a temperate environment with calm waters, so make sure that you take a look around before making your decision.

In the end, it’s really up to your taste when it comes to purchasing boats, but if you don’t want to change it in a few years and waste a big deal of money, you should probably take the above tips into consideration.

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