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Harris Flotebote – Sunliner 200

| Boats | September 15, 2013

Spending time outdoors and going out to enjoy the sea can be a great activity for the whole family or even when you need to spend some time with yourself. If you are a fishing enthusiast you will probably love to have your own boat that you can take far away and fish in complete silence. Also, let’s not forget the cool parties you can throw on a really large yacht, either for a special event or simply as a get-together during the weekend. If you find one or more of those activities interesting, you should probably consider buying a yacht; they are not as expensive as most people believe and they have become quite popular lately due to the fact that people are probably trying to escape their city life by doing something completely relaxing and enjoyable.

Just imagine the sunshine on your face while you spend time on the wide yacht that has an overall length of 22’1”, a beam width of 8’6”, a weight of 2409 and a capacity of 12 people maximum. This makes it perfect for excursions or hanging out with the family during the weekend while trying to escape the hectic city life. Also, it comes with two floor plans one standard and one with a single rear lounger and obviously the colors everybody is accustomed with: Black Sapphire, Midnight Blue, Sandy Pearl, Royal Garnet, and Blue Opal. You can even order graphics for each of the colors if you want a custom design to stand out from other yachts. Also, if you are buying your yacht for fishing you should definitely consider the fishing package that contains a fish finder with a depthsounder, a fish finder with GPS and a livewell that is aerated; it will definitely enhance your fishing experience for you and your friends.

A lovely way to spend free time, the Harris Flotebote Sunliner 200 is not a luxury cruise yacht so if you are having extremely high expectations regarding it, you will definitely be disappointed. It is a boat that can be bought by almost anybody who just wants to go out in the sea, but not something for those with a more decadent taste.

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Harris Flotebote – Solstice 230

| Boats | August 30, 2013

If you ever considered spending your leisure time in an enjoyable manner, you probably thought about boating too. Everybody agrees that spending time relaxing on a boat with your friends is probably a unique experience, so if you have the opportunity to get a yacht you shouldn’t miss it. If you already considered this option and are looking for something that can accommodate a large number of people the Harris Flotebote Solstice 230 is the best option. You can buy it with your friends and use it to relax or throw parties; also, let’s not forget about those amazing fishing trips that you can take in larger groups.

The big advantage when it comes to this boat is the fact that its design and furniture makes it a perfect solution when trying to hang out with friends. With the beam width of about 8’6”, the pontoon length of 23’, a weight of 2930 lbs. and enough room to fit 12 or even 13 people, this boat will surely impress you. The maximum fuel capacity is about 23 (2 tubes) and it also has a bridge clearance of 62”. Some of the other features you need to know about are a digital depth sounder, a glove box that is lockable, analog gauges, helm with a built-in top storage unit, a removable windscreen, a changing room, cooler, fire extinguisher, waste basket, etc. For furniture and flooring the manufacturers used a rotational molded structural base and the boat comes with drink holders, seats and a table. If you were worrying about sound you should know that you will have a Sony Gold stereo equipped with CD player, 4 speakers and MP3/USB included.

Another big advantage related to this boat is the fact that it is very comfortable and offers the perfect opportunity for relaxation. There is also a lot of space to move around; however, it doesn’t have any lower deck so if you were planning to do long trips with your yacht, this is definitely not an option for the Harris Flotebote Solstice 230, so you will have to find something a bit more pricey and luxurious.

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Cobalt Boats – Model 323

| Boats | April 28, 2013

Each and every one of us has probably dreamed about that time when they will simply relax while taking a trip on a yacht. Not only this is achievable but you won’t have to spend millions of dollars to make sure that you fulfill your dream. There’s no reason not to buy a yacht and even if you can’t afford an extremely big one, the sensation on the sea will be the same no matter what model you choose to buy. The Cobalt model 323 is for those who want something cozy that doesn’t get very fancy when it comes to price. It will accommodate you and a few friends of yours with no problem and you can even throw a small party if you always dreamed about spending your birthday in the middle of the ocean.

The Cobalt 323 has some impressive technical features with the overall length of about 34’9”/10.6 m, a beam of 10’7”/3.2 m, an interior cockpit width of about 108”/2.7 m, and a weight of about 12,300 lbs. or 5591 kg. It also comes with a fuel capacity of about 174 gallons or 659 liters and a deadrise of 22 degrees. It has a cabin that can be found only in larger yachts with spacious interior. Also, the creative design and decorations have made it extremely ergonomic and let’s not forget that with a 10’7” beam it is safe to say that it probably has the largest cockpit in its size class so it’s definitely worth its money and it has an outstanding quality to price ratio.

Besides the standard features of Cobalt boats which involve Kevlar and stainless steel reinforcements, this boat comes with a few great additions. If you are looking for something fancy, you will surely appreciate the hand crafter cherry wood furniture and the smooth leather cabin seating. Yes, the price might be a disadvantage but you will definitely get a quality yacht for your money; also, you might find maintenance disadvantageous in the long run as that might get pricey for a yacht of this caliber. Other than that, you will surely enjoy your time spend on this beauty.

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Harris Flotebote Royal 230

| Boats | April 7, 2013

When it comes to spending your free time, there are many ways to do it; some people enjoy parties while others enjoy relaxing and spending time on their hobby.  If your hobby is having a small boat or a yacht, there’s nothing that separates the last two as you can relax and enjoy both of them at the same time. Also, for those who like to fish, a yacht could be the perfect opportunity to take their hobby to a whole new level as they will be able to improve their whole experience. Even if you just want to tan and hang out with some friends, having this on a yacht will definitely be more enjoyable so there are a lot of reasons why you should consider buying one. If you want a yacht that can fulfill all the above but without having to pay a big price for that you should opt for the Harris Flotebote Royal 230 model which comes with a luxurious but minimalist design and will definitely offer you an unforgettable experience on the sea.

You shouldn’t consider this boat if you need something bigger where you would want to fit more people or something where you can be able to sleep; this is definitely not a long trip yacht so that’s probably the main disadvantage. On the other hand, it is quite affordable and you will be amazed to see that you will have a great time on it.

The Royal 230 comes with a capacity of 12 people (with a maximum capacity of 14) which makes it easier for you to invite all your friends. It has an overall length of about 25’ including the ladder and also a beam width of 8’6”. The weight is 3007 lbs. which makes it a fairly big boat with a fuel capacity of 31 gallons. Some features worth mentioning are: digital depth sounder, analog gauges for all the important measurements (trim, fuel, volt, speed, depth, etc.), removable windscreen, LED cast aluminum pods, cooler, cupholders, fire extinguisher, waste basket, and also Sony Gold stereo (including CD player, 6 speakers, MP3/USB) and Stereo, Sirius satellite radio (including tuner/receiver, antenna). The colors you can choose for your boat are the traditional colors offered by Harris Flotebote: Black Sapphire, Midnight Blue, Sandy Pearl, Royal Garnet, and Blue Opal.

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Harris Flotebote – Grand Mariner 230

| Boats | February 14, 2013

Boating can be an excellent hobby whether you decided to retire and try to relax and live a simple life or you are still young and want to throw awesome parties on the sea. Also, if you love fishing, you will definitely want to have a boat so that you can have the liberty to fish wherever you want and experience this hobby in a different way. This is why yachts are becoming more and more popular; whether it is because people are trying to escape the city life by relaxing or they simply love the sun and the sea, one thing is for certain, nothing is like a trip with a yacht in the middle of the ocean.

You will notice that the capacity of this boat is about 12 and it has an overall length of about 25’ with a weight of 2874 lbs., a beam width of 8’6” and a fuel capacity of 31 gallons. Other non-technical details that should be mentioned is the standard equipment as the boat comes with a few elements such as: speedometer, windscreen that is removable, different analog gauges for fuel, volts, speed or depth, changing room with curtain, cooler, cupholders, a waste basket, etc. Also, let’s not forget different furniture pieces such as rotational molded and really modern structures, tables and comfortable seats. The yacht is also equipped with a Sony Gold stereo (including CD player, 4 speakers, MP3/USB) to make your time even more enjoyable on the water if you decide to have a party. You can also choose from 5 color patterns: Midnight Blue, Sandy pearl, Royal Garnet, Blue Opal or Black Sapphire and you have the option to get more bundle packaged if you need extra lights. The company also offers fishing packages that may have GPS or depthsounder for those who want to take fishing to a whole new level.

Obviously this is not a boat for those looking for something extremely luxurious or who even want to spend a few days on sea as it doesn’t have an interior cabin and lacks many features related to comfort. But for a person who just needs to spend a few hours a day fishing or relaxing and having some drinks with friends, it is the perfect solution.

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Cobalt Boats – 26SD

| Boats | February 3, 2013

When it comes to small yachts you can definitely trust the Cobalt 26SD to fulfill your needs. It is definitely not a boat that you can choose for long trips but it will serve its purpose if you want something to explore the sea with from time to time or just relax with your friends while fishing.

With a length of about 27’6”/8.38 m, a beam of 8’6”/2.6 , weight of 5500 lbs/2495 kg this is definitely a small yacht that is perfect for those summer excursions with a few friends. Of course, it’s not for the adventurous type that wants to spend days on sea but definitely suitable for an unforgettable outing with your family. The deadrise is about 21 degrees and the fuel capacity is 95 gallons or 360 liters. Like all Cobalt yachts, this one comes with a few key features that may distinguish it from others brands. The fiberglass stringers and composite transom will definitely keep your boat from rotting and increase its durability significantly. Also the composite floor will reduce noise and you don’t have to worry about significant deterioration.  When it comes to performance you will get a deep deadrise that will allow easier comering with a Kevlar reinforced running surface. The new technology will not only give you one of the quickest plane time in the industry but also your boat will remain on plane at lower speeds. Other features that definitely go above the standard features you will usually find are: it allows more than one ski line at the time, unique styling, stronger dashboard with a very luxurious feel plus a circuit breaker electrical system and an incorporated lockable glove box. When it comes to electrical features you should know that this boat comes equipped with 6 speaker stereo for those times when you just want to throw a small party at sea with your friends.

The disadvantages of this boat are not few, especially when you are looking for something more spacious. It doesn’t have a lot of room and you might feel crowded even when you choose to spend time with very few friends.

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Harris Flotebote – Cruiser CX 200

| Boats | December 29, 2012

Sometimes you just want something simple to satisfy some of your lifelong dreams; whether that dream was to go far away on the sea and just start fishing or relax with your friends while admiring the ocean, the Cruiser CX 200 will help you live those amazing moments. It’s not one of those fancy yachts that come with too many features; it has all the features you need and even manages to surprise you though the price which is not very high. It’s a perfect way to try if this is a hobby that suits you without having to spend a fortune in the end.

 With a weight of 2114 lbs. or approximately 958 kilograms, a width of 8’6″, a pontoon length of 20’ and an overall length of 21’, this beauty can fit about 11 people. It has everything you need during a trip with your friends or family: an aft lounge with sunpad, a stereo system, a lot of storage space, great and intuitive controls perfect for a beginner.

If you are an amateur fisherman or even a professional one, this is definitely the boat for you. It has adjustable rod holders and four –point fishing seats to make things easier for you. From now on those fishing trips will be even more enjoyable.

Another thing that you will need to know is the fact that you can order the Cruiser CX in other models than the 200 one as it comes in 220 and 240 too. When it comes to colors you will have to choose between the beautiful: Black Sapphire, Sandy Pearl, Midnight Blue and Royal Garnet.

Of course, if you want something more luxurious, you shouldn’t buy this boat as it is for those who seek a minimal experience. The big disadvantage in this direction would be the fact that you won’t be allowed to take long trips on it, but if you are not planning to do that this has an extraordinary quality to price ratio.

This is definitely the perfect boat for a person who is just starting with yachts and doesn’t really want to spend a lot of money on something more luxurious.

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Bayliner 266 Discovery

| Boats | December 28, 2012

There are some boats that serve simpler purposes, such as an outing in nature or a nice excursion on the sea but bigger boats are for those who want to live a whole new experience, day and night. The Bayliner 266 Discovery offers you everything you might need during a cruise with your family or friends. Besides amazing technical features it also has an amazing interior and exterior design.

The length of this boat of about 25’7″ (7.8 m) makes it a perfect cruise boat but without the extremely high price attached to those as it is smaller. With a deadrise of 17°, a beam of 8’6″ (2.59 m) a draft max of 3’3″ (.99 m) and a draft hull of 1’9″ (.53 m) this boat can be categorized in the luxury segment but for a person with a simpler taste.  It can be a perfect family boat as it has enough space for a family of three or four.

It comes with different option packages that include different items according to the person’s objectives. The standard packages are the following: the Fish pack option that includes a tackle box, raw water washdown, rocket launchers and stainless steel rod hangers in cabin. There is also an electronic package that contains a Garmin™ GPSMAP® 541S Color Chart-plotter/GPS and Garmin™ 100 VHF Radio; for decorations there is the package that includes cockpit table, carpet stereo, shower and different surfaces. The optional features are for those who want things a little bit fancier and they can opt for Air Conditioning or Heat, a Spotlight, Windlass and even a macerator discharge for the Holding Tank.

This is definitely not a cruise boat for the picky buyers; if you need something fancy where you can have parties this is not it as it is the perfect cozy boat that can contain a few people. It is definitely the affordable option and something for a person who always wanted to sail or spend some time on the sea fishing or doing other activities without investing too much money. It’s definitely worth all the money but some might find it a little small for their needs.

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Getting a Good Deal on Luxury Boats

| Boats | December 11, 2012

Although luxury boats are usually bought by people who have an over average financial situation, there’s always best to make sure that you get a good price for your boat. With these tips you may get a significant discount on your luxury boat.

There are different places where you can buy your luxury boats from. Some companies will even have websites online where you can browse their products before choosing the boat you desire. You should also check the classified ads in the paper and also ask among your friends, maybe they know somebody who is willing to sell their boat. The last option might be the better one when buying second hand luxury boats as you will be able to inspect it and you can trust your seller. It is also great as you can negotiate a lower price for the boat. Second hand luxury boats are a great option when you don’t want to spend too much or you simply want a model that is not manufactured. However, the last option might cost you more than buying a new one, especially if the boat is in excellent shape.

The prices of a yacht increase with its size, so if you want something cheaper, you should be looking either for a small yacht or a medium size one. Also, there is a price difference when it comes to the materials used for constructing that specific yacht. Most yachts are nowadays constructed from fiberglass but you may encounter some yachts that are made of wood. However, the best deal you can get is by getting a yacht that doesn’t have a lot of accessories. They can cost you a lot when they come with decorations and gadgets so if you can find something simpler and buy the gadgets yourself, you might get a good deal on it.  Also, you get the chance to accessorize it according to your personal taste which might not be similar to the previous owner’s taste.

Before considering all these tips, you should also make sure that you have determined your budget and the type of the yacht you want, this will narrow your options better and you will be able to focus on the more important aspects.

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Bayliner 192 Cuddy Discovery

| Boats | October 30, 2012

When you are looking to enjoy an outdoor outing in a spacious cuddy cabin you will absolutely love the Bayliner 192 Cuddy Discovery. It can also be equipped with an optional portable head unit for those who want to make their experience even more comfortable and enjoyable. The overall length of the boat is about 19’4” (5.89 m) with a beam of 7’11” (2.41 m) and a deadrise of 19°. It is a bit larger than other boats as it has a weight of 2,515 lbs (1,141 kg) with a draft hull of 1’6″ (.46 m) and draft max of 2’11” (.89 m). The fuel capacity is about 23 gallons (87 L) with 21.8 gallons (82.5 L) of usable fuel.

Besides being extremely spacious it also has an easy access inside with the help of the beautifully crafted stars and the walkthrough windshield. Other features include a storage locker, storage beneath the cushions and also an optional portable head for overnight trips when you want to make your traveling easier. For those of you who enjoy camping you also receive a helm bucket seat which is backed by a mesh pocket where you can store your camping supplies or other items.

When it comes to the standard features the Bayliner 192 has the advantage to come with Waterproof 120-watt Satellite-Ready AM/ FM Stereo w/Audio Input for iPod & Mp3. Molded fiberglass Engine Cover, Overhead Light, 12VHorn, Fuel Gauge and Oil Pressure Gauge Tachometer , Temperature Gauge, Trim Gauge, Voltmeter, etc. These are just a few features worth mentioning. Another important thing is the engine and your options are: 135 M C/A1 (3.0L) With Power Steering or 190 M C/A1 (4.3 L) which is unfortunately only available for Canada.

The Bayliner 192 is a powerful boat with a good engine and definitely more spacious than other boats available on the market; however, some might find it a little bit too expensive, especially when they are looking for something simpler that would satisfy their needs for a more affordable price.  Also, a big disadvantage would also be the maintenance costs that are directly proportional with the size of your boat, so that’s a factor that needs to be taken into consideration.

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